Jul 26, 2009


Who are you?
I'm just twenty-year-old girl that believes.

What do you do?
if you ask about photography thet i am writing my very honest diary. and if you ask about my life i just live: study advertising in university, love films and music, read books and sleep a lot.

Film or Digital?
oh. film film film.
but when i know exactly what photo i want to make i use digital. it's easier to get out photo from your head to reality.

Where do you come from?
from nowhere.

Three words that describes your style?
hard to say. words are not my best friend.
may i say what i want it to be? simple, pure and film

What cameras do you like to shoot with?
usually i use more often camera i buy last. by now it's olympus xa2. i do love it: small light and make nice colours.

What influences you to do what you do?
i think it's the same things that influence other people: like light, music, cinema, poetry, other people. and when i see the talent of the person it's just make me feel that miracles are true and i can make something good.

What music are you into right now?
sparklehorse is my biggest love. also cat power, mazzy star, slowblow and so on.oh and yes beatles forever.

Any advice for other Photographers?
I have a bad counselor. mm.. just love. and do what you feel

How did you get into Photography?
almost two years ago i've got an accident and spent some time in hospital. after it there was such a feeling: i just need to do something. i found an old digital cam and start to make pictures. honestly they were awful. with time and by now photography began to be my diary that i would never write with words.



  1. yes M83 are amazing

    btw great blog and features :)

  2. Simply lovely. Love your work.
    Great blog.

  3. Wonderful work. A Virgin's Suicides' atmosphere.