Sep 22, 2009


Here is a catchy band from Reykjavík. They are called FM Belfast. I was lucky enough to have a chat with Árni Plúseinn about their music.

Interview with Árni Plúseinn of FM Belfast.

How did the band first come about making music together? How long has everyone been playing for?
In 2005 Lóa and Árni Plúseinn started making songs together after meeing at a market where Árni Plúseinn was making songs with the voice of the customer for 2 euro. Lóa had a song done with her vocal. Later that year we made a song as a Christmas present for friends which is Pump (pump up the jam cover)

Where do all of you come from?
We are all from Reykjavík, Iceland

What was your first live show as FM Belfast like?
the band played the first live show at Iceland Airwaves with two new members, Árni Vil and Örvar (múm) who are now full members of the band.

Does everyone contribute to making the songs? Or is it more like one person writes the lyrics while other members focus on how the song will sound?

The simple answer is that we all do everything.

I am enjoying the album "how to make friends" very much. What are your thoughts on it? Are you happy with the result?

We are very happy with the result. It is the product of friends helping each other to make something for little money and a lot of work.

Where do you find the most inspiration to writing and playing your music?

This question will never have an accurate answer but i think most of the music that inspires us is something we listened to when we ware 13 years old or so.

What kind of instruments do you bring to a live show?

We bring a computer + controlling devices, 4 microphones and a lot of nonsense.

What has been your favourite experience as FM Belfast so far?

It's hard to say since we often feel our last show was the best yet. And our memory works about as well as a goldfish

What does everyone else like to do besides playing music together?

We mostly do the music but we also run a bar in Reykjavík called Karamba. Lóa's sister owns the place but we make sure it's running smoothly and dj's are playing good/fun music.

Lastly, Do you have any more new music in production?

We are always working on something but we now we are working on the release of "how to make friends" in the rest of the world since it has just been released in Iceland up until now.



  1. i was listening fm belfast when i saw this interview :)

    nice interview with great band ;)

  2. Awesome! Love the album. Can't wait to see them play in Brussels in February.