Jul 29, 2009


Who are you?
My Name is Schröder, E.

What do you do?

I´m a collector, a picture-messie , a visual addict and... a photographer

Film or Digital?
I shoot Film, i like how the light works on analog material, and i like the random style
of the prints you get from cheap fotolabs. I like the work with negatives, analog prints and all that stuff

Where do you come from?
I´m from Germany. I live and work in Berlin.

Three words that describes your style?
1. seeing
2. simple
3. things

What cameras do you like to shoot with?
I use a small rollei35 Camera. It´s one of the smallest 35mm Kameras, full analog and full mechanic.
no zoom, no interchangable lens - 40mm and that´s it.

What influences you to do what you do?
1. I love amateur-photography, and i love pictures which are badly framed, Pictures which are not taken by so called Photographers
2. Movies. Beacause: The Relationship of Pictures. Pictures who can´t live without other pictures. I love the work Jaques Tati!
3. There are some great photographers who influenced me, like Walker Evans, William Eggleston, Elliot Erwitt... and 200 more
4. i´m very interested in archicture and animals

What music are you into right now?

Any advice for other Photographers?
Please shoot on film to keep it alive. Digi sucks anyway! See what happend to Polaroid...

How did you get into Photography?
I started very early, when I was a child, I also used to hang around in my mothers darkroom. Later I started working in a fotolab,
after that I studied photography in artschool. My teacher was a student of bernd&hilla becher...

FLICKR: flickr.com/photos/claudio-naivsuper/
SITE: schroeder-e.de/

ALSO: Schröder E has just published his first book, it´s called Meet me.
Published by naivsuper-book. you can buy it here:

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