Jul 20, 2009


Who are you?
>Hi. I'm TJ, also known as ethermoon in most of my online life. I'm 22 and I love classics, vintage and other stuffs of the past years.

What do you do?
>I am a graduate of BSN last year (2008) and currently doing my regular routine of review in school in preparation for the upcoming license exam here in our country.

Film or Digital?
>Tough question. I love film because it is so organic, I can feel the sensation every time I peek over the viewfinder. Film has a different taste. The thing we do in the past (that includes taking photos with film) will always be enjoyed, always be treasured even if we are now encapsulated inside a big jungle of technology and digital life. Digital is just a "happy orgasm" for instant and spontaneous takes.

Where do you come from?
>I came all the way from Asia, particularly in Philippines.

Three words that describes your style?
>Spontaneous, portraiture and mystery.

What cameras do you like to shoot with?
>For spontaneity and fast ejects, LC-A will be most likely the greatest camera being used. For treasured portraits, I am now loving my Seagull. Also, I am liking the Diana+ Instant Back. Instant film fun has never been the same like this one.

What influences you to do what you do?
>A mystery that would pop up inside my mind. Walking in the park and seeing objects will never be the same how they will be captured by your camera. Also, a few several photographers and artists in Flickr are my inspirations when I am running out of such ideas. I love shooting night time urban cityscapes!

What music are you into right now?
>Checking my latest playlist... That would include Sam Sparro, Copeland, My Parasol (check this out! myspace.com/myparasolband, Ida, Orange Range, Feist, Air Supply, Tears for Fears and Led Zeppelin.

Any advice for other Photographers?
>Three S's. Shoot, shoot and shoot. Remember your settings, and the moment you go back home, smile. It can lead you in getting good photographs. Love film always. Be inspired!

How did you get into Photography?
>Way back when I was in high school. I was a library lover back then and found this book about portraits from the past. That interests me on taking photos for good memories sake. I remember taking photos using a cellphone camera and digital SLRs. But since I was a fan of the past (and pretty good I came all the way from the past), I checked on some film shots and that lead me in grabbing an old Olympus XA in one of the camera shops here. I took some photos, and from that moment, I loved how the way a film captures an image rather than a digital.


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