Jul 21, 2009


Who are you?
- Michael Rolph

What do you do?
- I'm currently studying photography at the university of Hertfordshire (in England).

Film or Digital?
- Film has more soul

Where do you come from?
- Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England

Three words that describes your style?
- detached, worthless, crap

What cameras do you like to shoot with?
- Anything that makes Photographers with expensive DSLR's look twice. Old cameras, toy cameras and homemade cameras. Medium format is lovely too, the square viewfinder makes hunting for symmetry so pleasurable.

What influences you to do what you do?
- Everything. Thomas Ruff, Jeff Wall, Adreas Gursky, Uta Barth, Candida Hofer, Steven Morrissey. Also medical and scientific photos as they are taken solely for their function and aesthetics aren't considered.

What music are you into right now?
- Can't stop listening to the smiths at the moment. Also been interested in low- fidelity music with bands on K Records.

Any advice for other Photographers?
- When in doubt, go and photograph.

How did you get into Photography?
- From a young age i have always been obsessed with the still image, and the fact that we have the privilege and ability to stop time. When i was around 6 I was given a camera and it felt like i needed to document everything.

FICKR: tick followed tock

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