Sep 7, 2009


Who are you and where do you come from?
I'm Alex Simms, and I come from a small town in West Virginia

How long have you been into photography for?
I've been into photography since August of 08, and had no idea I'd improve as much as I have, or even still be taking photos.

Where do you find the most inspiration for getting up and taking photos?
I usually find inspiration in my surroundings, like whatever my family is doing, the wallpaper in the house or other people's houses, how the sun shines through a blind or curtain, just anything, really.

Do you have any influences for your work?
Oh yes, I very much do, and those would be the people in the flickr community I've gotten to know so well, and am so glad to have gotten to know.

Is this just a hobby or would you like to take it further?
It began as a hobby, but I realized I really had a passion for this, and hope in pursuing photography as a career.

What some music you've been listening to recently?
I've actually been listening to Pogo lately, and some piano. I really enjoy piano. :)

What else do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy reading good books, time with friends, drawing (which hopefully I will improve on, ha) time with my family, talking about memories, innertubing at the lake in the summer, and playing video games on a lazy afternoon.


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